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End of the line

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To the fans:

For those that don’t know, Friday night was my last game as a member of the QZ93 Sports broadcast team.

The Berlin-Meyersdale game marked the end of a run that began for me with CDM Sports back in 2000, when the late Nate Codispoti brought me to town to call Johnstown Chiefs game with Matt Dimperio. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of making a home in the Laurel Highlands region and spending much of my time throughout Somerset and southern Cambria counties.

After spending nearly a third of my life in this area, I will be moving with my family to my roots, Northern Virginia. The DC suburbs are home to my immediate family as well as much of my extended family, and it will be a treat to return to the area on a full-time basis for the first time since 1996.

But I do so with an incredible amount of sadness for leaving the area I have called home and which has treated me so very well.

I want to thank all of the fans that tune in to QZ93 Sports and allow us to be part of your weeks, not only on Fridays and Saturdays in the fall, but throughout the week during the winter and spring. You fans have made an outsider feel very welcome and I could not have asked for a better stop on my life’s journey than I have made here.

I want to thank each of the coaches that I have dealt with over the years. With an already minimal amount of free time, you have still made yourselves available for my calls and questions. The amount of information you have shared with me has allowed us to exponentially increase the quality of our broadcast product. We take great pride in being the most prepared broadcast crew working at this level, and without your assistance, that would clearly not be possible.

I also want to thank the school administrators, who have worked very hard to make sure we have quality locations to broadcast from, and who have made themselves available at odd hours when technical difficulties have presented themselves. In addition, many of these administrators have given me access to many great stories about their student-athletes, and for that I am very thankful.

I also must thank the businesses that have sponsored our broadcasts year-in and year-out. I know things have been tight, but still, the support has been there throughout. What I get to do on a weekly basis is made possible only by the support of these great businesses. Thank you.

Also, I want to take a special moment to thank John Zadzora for everything he has given to me over the years. John and I are the only two members of QZ93 Sports that broadcast during all seasons. We have done football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, hockey and soccer together. We’ve made trips from Salisbury to Clarion and all around Western Pennsylvania. John, you have been a great friend and a mentor over the years, showing me so very much about preparation and introducing me to many fine individuals over the years. I will very much miss our frequent get-togethers and will especially miss having you as the area’s best sideline reporter.

Thanks also go out to Jake Jacoby, who I easily think has been the best addition to our broadcast staff. His knowledge and passion of football is second-to-none. I have had the distinct pleasure of broadcasting alongside a man I consider the top color analyst at this level, and as good as those working at higher levels. He has improved our broadcasts on so many fronts and has been a natural after 22 years on the sidelines.

Jack Dickey and Jim Spangler also deserve my thanks for keeping me on board so many years. It is not easy for an outsider to break into the local radio markets, but Jack and Jim have been so supportive and so thoughtful over the years. I found a home doing these games and it is a direct result of the opportunities that Jack, Jim and Nate have presented me over the years.

Finally, I want to thank the countless other members of QZ93 Sports and CDM Sports that I have worked with over the years. Everyone we have had on board has brought a special passion to the booth. For that, I will always be thankful. I also must make special thanks to Helen and Roger Wahl for giving of their radio station to bring these games to the community. Some weeks we have put on four or five games, and yet WQZS 93.3 FM is always willing to produce the broadcasts and give the fans an outlet to follow their teams and their kids.

Thank you to everyone for making me at home for almost 10 years! I will miss all of you.

Matt Jordan


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