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WPIAL inching toward showdown with PIAA

In Football, PIAA on April 24, 2009 at 2:24 pm

Things are getting contentious in WPIAL country as half of the 123 football-playing schools suggested they would rather end the season with the WPIAL championships than form six classes to play for a state title, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Now, the PIAA is firing back, suggesting that the WPIAL is being ‘shortsighted.’

The PIAA is voting on going to six classifications for football in the 2010 season and shortening the season from 16 to 15 weeks. The WPIAL (District 7) is against both ideas. See what six classes means for districts 5 and 6 teams.

The biggest stumbling block appears to be that six classes for football would mean the WPIAL can’t hold its district championship games at Heinz Field. Six games is too many, and if Heinz Field can’t host all the games, then nobody plays there and the games are held at high school fields.

The PIAA’s vote on the changes is May 21.

WPIAL may dump state football playoff (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


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