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So what does six classes mean for area teams?

In District 5, District 6, Football, PIAA, WestPAC on April 17, 2009 at 11:14 am

I took a look at many of the articles floating around the internet regarding the PIAA’s proposed changes to the football class structure beginning in 2010.

Everywhere I could see, the PIAA seems to be trying to use about 100 schools per classification. So I took a look at the numbers and did some counting and sorting and came up with a VERY, TOTALLY, COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL examination for our area schools.

For those that want to know, I went to the PIAA Web site to determine which schools were in which classification and started counting. I organized the Class A schools from smallest to largest enrollment, then counted up 100 from the bottom and put them in the “new” Class A.

Then I took the top 50 schools in Class A and the bottom 50 schools in the current Class AA to make up the “new” Class AA. That leaves the top 100 schools in Class AA as the “new” Class AAA.

If there’s a better way I should be doing this, please let me know!

Here’s what I found (again, this is far from official!!!):

Staying in Class A (from smallest enrollement to largest): Shade, Ferndale, Blacklick Valley, Bishop Carroll, Laurel Valley, Meyersdale, Conemaugh Valley, Claysburg, Berlin, Portage, Bishop Guilfoyle, Homer-Center, Conemaugh Township, Northern Bedford, Rockwood, Tussey Mountain and Northern Cambria.

Moving from Class A to the “new” Class AA (from smallest enrollement to largest): Bishop McCort, United, Everett and Windber.

Staying in Class AA (from smallest enrollment to largest): Cambria Heights, Ligonier Valley, North Star and Chestnut Ridge.

Moving to “new” Class AAA (from smallest to largest; this group is comprised entirely of teams that were in Class AA): Richland, Penn Cambria, Westmont, Central Cambria, Tyrone, Bedford, Forest Hills and Somerset.

Post your thoughts in our comments!

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