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Welcome to the all-new QZ93 Sports Central!

The hope with this blog is to get even more community involvement in athletics in and around the Somerset County area! If you have stories, or story ideas, please share.

You can email matt@qz93sports.com with your thoughts, and we’ll try to grow this into a powerhouse of news and information for your local teams!

  1. Future High-School Mergers… I’ve been hearing for about a year now, that The State of Pennsylvania wants to see smaller schools especially in the District #5/6 area, start merging local schools together {as-one}. Thus changing the schools size, name, school colors & enrollments, etc…. What’s the Pro’s & Con’s going to be?

    You would be cutting jobs such as: School Board posistions ,Superintendents,Coaching jobs, & other staff posisions in~half too.You wouldn’t need as many of these jobs, because you merged your school & there wouldn’t be a need for these Extra paying posistions…
    But you also might be adding (or) creating more & newer jobs too? You’d need more custodial staff, cafeteria, & other posisions because of this change…

    What about “SCHOOL~PRIDE”… Let’s Go ????

    Are you in favor of this future action? The State says that if local schools don’t find a local neighbor to Merge with, they in- turn (down-the-road) will find one for you. & you (in turn),may not like what they do,(or) choose !!!

    They the (Pa.),say it’s going to happen… Could you imagine your school being called the (for instance): The Richland Ramblers (or) The Windber Rams (or) “The Conemaugh Cougars” (or) “The North Star Twp. Indians”.. (or) how about “The Rockwood~Turkey’s (or) Turkeyfoot Rockets… Yikes…..l.o.l.

    The reasoning for these school mergers is all about money & fundings. The Feds & State Government want to combine area schools, so that they came recieve more money towards a better & bigger school systems.

    In Local sports programs, you may be playing in CLASS (AAA)& teams from the District #7’s ~W.P.I.A.L. before you know it… kinda scary ain’t it…

    Another can of worms will be the busing issues. How far do I have to be driven too school every day (back&forth)? How early will I have to get up every morning too go to school? How late will I get home from a school sporting practise (or) event every night? Can I get my HOME~WORk done before mid-night ? How much will buses actually cost the school system too run more ? {on&on} it goes… “Be ready it’s Coming”….

    The Chops…

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